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How Do I Cancel An Order?

Please contact our customer service representatives by live chat /phone/email as soon as you realize that your order needs to be canceled. We suggest you contact us via live chat or by phone in case of emergency. Once your order is shipped, we can not cancel it directly anymore. However, you can still return your order for a refund. Once we receive the order you returned, we will issue a refund of your purchase.

Phone: 00852-21364966 (9:00am to 6:00pm GMT + 08:00)


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Why Was My Order Cancelled And My Payment Refunded?

1. Paypal account is unregistered.

As you placed your first order on Yoins and it has been classified as a high-value transaction, we require you to verify your account with PayPal. Registering a Paypal account is a security procedure to ensure that the transaction is safe and in order to reduce the risks of fraud. By registering you are proving that you are the real account holder. Registered members are also covered by PayPal Buyer Protection, which offers wider support if you have any dispute with your order or transaction. Please register your PayPal account and then place an order again.

We will refund you in 24 hours when the pre-order period comes to the end and the product has not met the conditions to be shipped.

2. The number of pre-orders is insufficient.

The pre-order period usually lasts for 7 days. Your order will be shipped within 3 days after the pre-order period has expired, and then you will receive emails with a tracking number of your purchase. Each item can only be shipped after the product has reached a minimum number of 5 orders in 7 days. If purchases is below the number mentioned here above, the item will not appear in the pre-order section of our website.

If have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service.

Here are the service entrances: Messenger / Live chat / Email / Call us(00852-21364966).


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