What Is The Most Popular Body Type?

Aug 29, 2018

Sometimes women and man always have different opinions about the body type problems, for example:

Girls: Look at the girl, she's so beautiful and has a great body type.

Boys: Come on, she's too slim.....But look at that girl, she's hot......

Girls: Oh no, she's a little fat indeed.

So what is the most popular female body type?

A Japanese painter shared a twitter about 4 types of female body type and asked people to vote for the body shapes they like. It attracted over 100,000 people to talk about the topic.

Let's take a look of these body shapes and find out which one you are.


The Features Of X Shape

The X shape body has shoulders and hips relatively the same size, and a defined waist. They usually don't have an obvious collarbone. 

The Clothes That Fits

If you are an X shape, you can try the simple style which can highlight the waistline and body curve.




The Features Of I Shape

I body shapes tend to have similar width shoulders and hips with a fairly undefined waist. They are very lean and often feel that they lack feminine curves.

The Clothes That Fits

Casual loose shirts or wide-leg pants will be suitable for you. You don't have to highlight your curve.



The Features Of A Shape

A body shape has a large triangular line and the upper body is a little flat with a low chest line and waistline.

The Clothes That Fits

Dresses and wide leg pants will be good.



The Features Of O Shape

Your mid region would be the widest body part and you would not want to draw any attention to it. Hence while choosing to make sure that the design on the clothes does not highlight the tummy area.

The Clothes That Fits

Do not wear the clothes that are too loose. Clothes with ruching(pleats) at tummy are your friends.


And the result of the vote shows that: I (35%) > X (28%) > A (22%) > O (15%). So most people like the I shape, but people also like the other 3 types. 

But you know what, this is our body, we don't really need to care about what they think. And sometimes I just want to say, if you want to follow the rules, then maybe you can try to see if they work for you. But if you don't like those rules, just let them go. Dress what you like to make you happy!

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