Too cool to walk the dog

Jul 27, 2015

Admit it - you try to keep low profile walking your lovely pets. And you don't expect to see tons of paparazzi trying to catch your every move. Well, many famous women don't care if their dog walks are witnessed and pictured. But seems like some of them just crave for it. The most glamorous dogwalker outfit is our today's agenda.


Eva Mendes 

Cuban American beauty was not once spotted being too shiny and stylish when walking the dog. The pictures look like some movie shots. But nah, she just likes to keep up with style.

Eva Mendes


Chrissy Teigen

Can we say Chrissy's cleavage turned the spotlight away from a cute bulldog in the first picture? Yes we can.

Chrissy Teigen



Mariah Carey

She is a diva. Any doubts? Nope. That's why nobody is surprised Mariah has a special person to carry an umbrella above her and her little pet.Well,used to have, now it will take an army to do, 'cos by the time she divorced from Nick Cannon the couple had 8 dogs and even fought for custody. So sad I couldn't find picures of all squad.

Mariah Carey



To my surprise, there aren't many photos of #badgalriri nails the dogwalker look, she just rocked a couple of times and that was it. 




Next paragraph goes without a name. So I'll start like that: I bet it's not easy to be a First Dog. Crowds of people, thousands of flashes and smells around you AND even your personal page in Wikipedia! I'm not kidding, guys!

But the best thing is to have a nice lady by your side all the time. Stylish from head to toe - First Lady Michelle Obama.

Michelle Obama


Lady Gaga

You just sit and wait until future Mrs Kinney (yeah, she's getting maried soon!) appears somewhere in town. Prepare your most powerful lens to catch every detail of her outfit.

Laady Gaga

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