These Will Be the Hottest Swimsuit Styles in Summer 2018

Feb 6, 2018

New year, new trends! In an effort to bring some warmth to this chilly season let's take a look at the hottest 2018 swimwear pieces you'll find at Yoins. Below, we've rounded up the best swimsuit trends you can shop now for your upcoming warm-weather escapes on weekend trip. Capture this look right now. 

1.High-cut One-piece

One-pieces are the headlining trend, especially high-cut silhouettes. Designers from across the board have turned their attention to creating stunning and stylish one piece swimsuits. This cut was primarily at its height in the 90s, but is storming its way into the limelight as a summer 2018 swimwear trend.

 QQ截图20180213112301.png QQ截图20180213112555.png

2. Metal Rings, Shimmer and Shine

Metal rings aren't just a thing of the 90s, they're here now and looking super fresh. Anything reflective on a swimsuit can either be a great success or a glaring nightmare, but thanks to the clever shimmer and shine fabrications and more, the options shown are perfect – just a hint or a touch.

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3. String Bikinis

String bikinis for the summer 2018 are trending with a lot more strings than before. The designs, which may make them less ideal for tanning unless intricate tan lines are your thing, are still a lot of fun. 

QQ截图20180213150312.png ad898310-5f81-44dd-ab6c-1aed188d2e23.jpeg

4. Plunging-Neckline One Pieces 

One pieces are cute, but when you want to add a touch of oomph to your suit, think plunging necklines, which are one of the best summer 2018 swimwear trends to go for!

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The trend for bohemian ethnic prints and fabrics is still very strong this year. You will see them less as overall prints and more as placement prints with printed panels. 

QQ截图20180213151538.png QQ截图20180213151559.png

6. Strappy Monokinis 

Monokinis are one pieces that look like a bikini that is attached by a piece of fabric or latticework. This can be done on the front, crossed over or just on one or both sides. Gottex had several of these out and about on the runway.

QQ截图20180213152144.png 4c3dd057-c3c5-40d6-bb98-7b5540f35f97 (1).jpg

7. Ruffles and Frills

Elevate your swim game with ruffles and frills in romantic hues. This was a big trend last season and has continued to evolve as its ultra-feminine appeal is also flattering for every body type. 

QQ截图20180213153516.png QQ截图20180213153700.png

8. High-Waisted Two Pieces

High-waisted two pieces have been hailed as a vintage godsend among the summer 2018 swimwear trends. This trend has been building steam and gaining ground more reliably for the past few years than any other.

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9. Velvet 

The velvet swimsuit trend is somewhat of a continuation from 2017, but now we've got so many more colorways to choose from. Actually, designers are creating velvet swimsuits for summer 2018 in every possible cut, style and silhouette in a functional velvet designed to hold up!

QQ截图20180213154950.png QQ截图20180213154936.png

10.Sporty Chic

This was going to be the year of“athleisure" .  Brands were showing tons of swimsuits that were very sporty in the look. The good news with this trend is that many suits have kept their elegance but added the more secure backs borrowed from sporty styles. So now you can be elegant without worrying about falling out of your suit!

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