Like mother, like daughter

Jul 21, 2015

This is a story about a girl named Lucky (c)


Of course not all daughters of Hollywood celebs carry this name, I personally don’t know anyone who does, but they are definitely lucky to have a plenty of style choices. They aren’t just welcomed but strongly desired to become fashion brands advocates. Who they are (in case you don’t remember) and what they wear, today in our review.

Willow Smith

Like mother, like daughter
It's been a while since ‘Whip My Hair’ singer got her piece of fame. Being in her -teens she often comes up with many unexpected, not to say shocking looks. Well, it’s obvious Jada Pinkett-Smith is a good role model for her daughter, cos she herself hardly follows a conservative style. 
Eye-catching outfit, bold hairdos - are we talking about mother or daughter? Ah, seems like both, but of course Willow’s age is a reasonable excuse for her rebellious wardrobe. The girl is still 14! 

Like mother, like daughter

Ava Phillippe

Like mother, like daughter

 Despite Academy award winner mom, this girl prefers to stay out of the spotlight and have just a normal teenager life. Though she was not even once spotted with an extremely pink hair, she seems to keep low profile strolling with her family or friends. Nothing crazy, nothing challenging, just like her mom Reese - a girl from South.
Like mother, like daughter

Lourdes Leon

Like mother, like daughter

When your mother is TOP-10 influential woman of entertainment industry, you should kinda adjust. Right? Wrong. Lourdes owns a fashion brand, studies at University of Michigan, and her style is somewhere between punk and boho. And by the way, she is not that much of a skin-shower unlike her mom Madonna. 


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